Snuffed out

Life isn't fair What do I care? It's fleeting- Memories in death mean nothing It's as if we never existed The universe is like that Snuffed out in the randomness and chaos  


Rod died

Rod McKuen died on Tom Selleck's birthday January 29, 2015 Don't ask me how I know that, it's odd I didn't find out until months later, it's sad. I should know that stuff Critics thought Rod was a hack - I loved him, so fuck them Critics don't know anything; over-paid idiots - critics suck … Continue reading Rod died

October is out

October is over November is here No longer the 10th month It all seems so queer The prep for the scary Where skeletons were lurky Has gone by the wayside To make room for turkey I'll just sit back and drink some wine In the 11th month, whose prefix means nine  

The Liar

Freezers are hot, the sun is cold Tchotchkes are better than worthless gold The sky is green, the ocean is scarlet I love the fact that you’re a harlot Your cell phone will work, the brakes will not fail and I will never end up in jail I cherish our home, our humble abode That … Continue reading The Liar